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What is Hurray for Winter?

We’re giving lots of our Robinsons and Fruit Shoot fans the opportunity to win sledge loads of winter experiences from Ice Skating with the whole family to hanging with the penguins. We’ve printed millions of unique codes on the back labels of participating bottles of Robinsons Squash and Fruit Shoot. All you have to do is enter one of the codes into to see if you are a winner!

Which products have a unique code?

Keep your eyes peeled for promotional packs of Robinsons in all major supermarkets.

  • Robinsons Orange 1L
  • Robinsons Summer Fruits 1L
  • Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant 1L
  • Robinsons Orange 2L
  • Robinsons Summer Fruits 2L
  • Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant 2L
  • Robinsons Peach Fruit and Barley 1L
  • Robinsons Summer Fruits Fruit and Barley 1L
  • Robinsons Double Concentrate Orange 1.75L
  • Robinsons Double Concentrate Apple & Blackcurrant 1.75L
  • Robinsons Double Concentrate Summer Fruits 1.75L

The unique code can also be found on the back of Fruit Shoot pack labels across all participating promotional packs:

  • Fruit Shoot Orange 4 x200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant 4 x200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Orange 8 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant 8 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Hydro Blackcurrant 4 x 350ml
  • Fruit Shoot Hydro Blackcurrant 8 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Juiced Apple & Pear 4 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Juiced Raspberry & Strawberry 4 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Juiced Apple & Pear 8 x 200ml
  • Fruit Shoot Juiced Raspberry & Strawberry 8 x 200ml

The unique code can be found on the back of the carboard sleeve of participating promotional packs.

The code will be 12 characters long and a combination of letters and numbers.

What do I get for my code?

For every code you enter, you are in with the chance of winning one of our great winter experiences. Please remember though, all GB entrants are limited to two entries per household, per week.

How do I enter my code?

To enter your code simply visit our entry page and enter your unique code along with your first name, surname and email address into the form. Every code is unique and you can only enter it once.

I can't find my code

Our unique codes can be found on the back label of promotional bottles of Robinsons and on the inside of the carboard sleeve on Fruit Shoot multipacks. The 12-digit code will be a combination of letters and numbers.

I can't read my code

If you’ve found your code but it's not printed clearly enough to read, then please email us at

My code isn't recognised

  • Are you entering the right code?

    Packs often feature many codes such as batch numbers and barcodes. Your code is printed on the back label of participating promotional bottles. This code will be 12 digits long and a combination of letters and numbers.

  • Are you on the right website?

    You can only enter codes on our website specific to the Hurray for Winter competition. Your pack will give you the correct website address to enter.

  • Still having a problem?

    If you’ve found the correct code and you’re on the correct website but your code still isn't being accepted, then we can check it. Please email us at with your pack details and we will be able to check it out for you.

Do I need to keep my bottle/receipt?

You will need to keep your bottle and receipt as sometimes you may be asked to send your code and receipt as proof of purchase, so hang on to them and keep them safe.

Each code is unique and can only be entered once. Please don’t give your codes to anyone else, there are some security alerts on the system that monitor any unusual activity, so it might freeze your account.

What happens if I win a winter experience?

Dependent on which winter experience you have won you will either be sent an email voucher with details of your prize to the email address you have provided, or you will be contacted via telephone to organise the necessary details (such as preferred date and time) for you and your family to complete your winter experience. Once the booking is made, we will email you the confirmation details and any reference information.

What happens if I win a 50p off voucher?

If you enter our Hurray for Winter competition but unfortunately aren’t a winner you may be entitled to a 50p off voucher. All you need to do is click the 'Redeem Voucher' button on the unsuccessful entrants' screen and you will be sent an email voucher to the email address you provided on entering the competition. From here, follow your usual printing steps to print off the vouchers.

Your 50p off voucher can be used in all major retailers to claim 50p off any Robinsons squash (including Double Concentrate and Fruit & Barley) or any Fruit Shoot multipack. Please note vouchers cannot be accepted digitally, they must be printed off. Vouchers are subject to availability.

Can I swap my prize?

Unfortunately not; if you are a winner you will be allocated one of our three Hurray for Winter family experiences available. All prizes are non-refundable and non-transferable and no cash alternatives are available.

How do I amend my time/date booking of my family winter experience if I am no longer able to make it?

If your prize has been booked manually and you need to amend your time/date of your winter experience, please contact us at to request your booking details. You will then need to contact the venue yourself to arrange a more suitable date or time. It is at the venue’s discretion if they can amend the booking. Please note the majority of experiences will be provided as vouchers and therefore it is the responsibility of the winner to organise a suitable date and time to attend their winter experience.

Are any winter experiences suitable for Adults or Children who are disabled?

This is subject to the terms and conditions of each winter experience venue. If you win a prize and have a disability that means you cannot take part in the winter experience, please contact us at or 01908 303 511 and we may be able to offer you a more suitable prize from those available.

How many adults and Children do the winter experience tickets allow?

Our Hurray for Winter experiences can be redeemed for the following combinations:

  • 2 Adults and 2 Children
  • 1 Adult and 3 Children

Any additional family or friends would need to pay in addition to the voucher. Each winter experience venue has a maximum age limit for what qualifies as a child. Please see our full list of venue terms & conditions here.

If I want to take my child and someone else's, do I need to bring written permission from their parent or Guardian?

No, you don't need written permission from a parent or guardian to take someone else's child on a Hurray for Winter experience.

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